$5 Student Daily
$10 Adult Daily
$20 Family
$50 Student Season
$90/$110* Adult Season
$125/$150* Family Season
$200 Silver Level/ Student or Adult
$250 Gold Level/Family

*The lower rate applies for those who volunteer a minimum of 4 shifts. Training is available; call 399-6255.


Kids, please ensure your parents sign a liability release form(link) and bring it with you on your first trip to the hill each year!


KSC Season Membership Form, 2015- 2016

Liability Release

KSC Minor Liability Release


Rowan W. Springer grew up skiing on Ohlson Mountain in Homer and regularly volunteered at the rope tow. He always encouraged people to enjoy winter through skiing. To help continue his legacy, we are offering two season passes to the rope tow to Homer students, one male and one female, in grade K through 12. Use the link below to download the application form, and create a piece of art to show how you love skiing and snowboarding.

RS Memorial Scholarship Application, 2014-15